16 octombrie 2011

Kitty goes outside

We finally let our little big tomcat out. He made friends. He had fun. Came home dirty.

His thoughts on this: "yeeeey! i'm free!!!" always running away when I approched.

 My thoughts on this: "omg what if he runs after another cat and gets hit by a car in the street", "what if he eats something poisonous?", "maybe he falls into a basement from the buildings near by, and can't get out?", "there are quite a few dogs out today... i hope he won't let any close" and  "what if some evil man catches him and tortures him???"

I chilled when he returned hungry. and bathed him. He didn't like that.

The pictures and the movie are shot by my dear friend Andreea Cristurean. Like her on FACEBOOK and watch her on YOUTUBE.

Tough enough my ass.

In between, we are building a shelter for outside cats. More information about the house soon.

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