12 decembrie 2011

Spoiler Alert

For those who don't know yet, there is a Comics Club in Cluj Napoca, sponsored by the German Culture Center. And we do comics. The second workshop that took place in the Kulturzentrum was held by artist Stefan Dinter from Stuttgart (Germany). In the last years workshop we learned about storyboard and page design with Isabel Kreiz. This year we learn about preparation of the artwork for printing.

Yes, printing, because we all work hard now to finish work for a comic book that will be published hopefully very soon. Urban Comics is its title and it is about CLUJ napoca. Yes. So here is what I am working on. But it's a little spoiler. I bet you can't guess who this character is.

Vielen dank am Deutsches Kulturzentrum Klausenburg! Thanks to the German Culture Center in Cluj!

soon more good news

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