10 februarie 2012

La dolce vita

While I was searching for a lock shop to buy myself a lock for the new-old bike I got, I stumbled upon La Dolce Vita in the old Temple Bar. My hunger took over and I decided to go in, because a few days ago I was on Cow Lane and it made me smile with the quote on their window. "Smile, it annoys everyone".

Entering I was surprised by a lovely voice and a beautiful face. I asked if they had food also. She smiled and gave me the menu. Have you ever met a person so lovely that you can't really react to it? And a simple conversation will seem awkward just because u feel the urge to stare back at her, because you feel that she is staring directly into your soul? Maybe it's tomfoolery.
But I just felt that way.        

When I ordered I asked the young lady if it's a vegetarian dish, just to make sure. And she asked me if I am one. She seemd to be the most friendly girl. A very pretty one with short hair. She made cute little conversations with every client. But she did it in a genuine way, as if she really was interested in everyone, I'd compare it with like a childs curiosity. She even knew what a client ordered the other day. I hate eating all by myself. She kept talking to me, asking me things, and due to this I didn't feel bad eating by myself, but good.

So there was a guy having a cappuccino there. He took a book from a shelf. He then put it back. She giggled "Are you looking for a book with pictures? *giggle* The ones with pictures are on the bottom shelf." she said. And then towards another client: "He wants a book with pictures, because he cannot read"... After a while, she asks something, he replies: "... my life if boring". She sais: "I know, but... "

That made my day. Poor guy. He said he was looking for rent but couldn't find anything. I certainly know how that must feel like.

Her handwriting is BIG and BOLD. (bold not in the font way of boldiness)

I could hear this song but couldn't remember where I've heard it before and asked her for the name of it. She wrote it on a piece of paper.

I think I would have loved to draw this. Too bad I don't have my tablet with me right now.

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