28 martie 2012

blinded, betrayed, forgotten

I tried to make a video that would express emotions through the human eye. i am no sure how I did but I am sure the next one will be better, for I will have a recorder (hopefully) and I will do the sound myself. This is just an experiment. Positive and/or constructive criticism is encouraged.

 so this is Blinking Beating Feeling (bbf - copyright music belong to Mechanical Moth )

thank you for watching.

2 comentarii:

  1. I thought this was going to be boring but decided to give it a try anyway.
    It was mind blowing, I got caught in it and at some point my vision got blurry and I felt dizzy.

    Death to the demoness Allegra Geller!

    Just kidding! Great job Maria!

    1. thank you for the feedback :)

      but there must be something there....