24 aprilie 2012

silence grew

As silence grew, a large teardrop rolled down her face. Her wet cheek was still. As were all his face muscles. He couldn't quite explain why but he got an erection. It felt strange but the tear must have triggered something. A memory perhaps. He thought of happines, of the first time when their bodies colided into one. When their love was at it's peak. Because she wept then, dropping one tear. Then more. But she smiled back then, and he knew those were tears of joy. 

Unlike now

Teardrops falling. Raindrops falling.

Those big heavy clouds outside started to pour massively. It seemed that they were the ones wetting her face, because she was inscrutable. She could not face this, so she turned her back to him, but he could feel her wet, warm, salty tears rolling down from her blue eyes, congregating on her chin, then dropping careless but with a repeated rythm on her beautiful chest. It smelled of sea.

Why now? How did it all come to this?

She could not explain it, for she did not know. He wasn't sure but he never wanted to leave. He loved her. She still felt that his life was more precious than hers. He picked up the suitcase. The sound of the closing door was the last thing she heard from his existance.

and silence grew 


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