29 august 2012

I live inside a Bubble

My Bubble

Some people tell me I should wake up. I should get real. I don't even know what real means. We are here to do something.
But what? I am certain that I am not here to earn money and get rich, I am pretty sure I am not here to turn the world upside down or change it. 

Besides, the world is already upside down. 
I might be here to watch. I love to watch and observe. 

But there are people telling me that the world is something else. That it is not what I see.
I do think that everyone sees the world differently. I do emphatize alot. And I feel good about it, for it makes me feel closer to people and all the other living things. 

I need to take it slow because there are so many wonderfull things surrounding us. I need to contemplate about my Bubble. What does this mean, living inside a bubble? The world is maybe one bubble but we live on it, and we are all together here. I do not feel separate although maybe different than most people. But I am not unhappy nor happy. I know much but I don't know anything. 

Sometimes I feel like a child playing with marbles or with little colourfull soft balls. I can keep them or break them. I can choose my own colours. I can build something out of some of the balls. But I can also separate them. I like my bubble if there really is one in which I live.

Best wishes for my mother! Get well soon!

 Somtimes I think we should all have a big jar of colourfull balls and bubbles!

and get lost among them for a while.

Where is your jar of bubbles?

Un comentariu:

  1. esti un copil frumos si sensibil...nu in sensul de sclifosit:)
    Viata este asa cum este, sa incerci sa-ti explici te duce la nebunie, sa incerci sa o repari te duce la disperare...incerca sa o accepti, sa te bucuri de ea, de partile ei frumoase - merita, meriti!
    Sanatate mamei tale:)