21 ianuarie 2013


She is dead. 
I found her dead. 
Lying on the cold, wet pavement. 
Passed by many, many not even noticing her. 
Many not wanting to notice, looking away, pretending it did not happen. 
But it did. It did happen.
Her breathless body is prove. 

Her eyes still open. Her fur wet and dirty. 
The inanimate body suggesting her last action.

But how.
How is one to compete with metal horse-power? 
Why do they have breaks anyway?
Some people even accelerate at the sight of a small creature trying to make it's way. 
On to the other side. 
She did get to the other side. But now her body is not even in the circle of life.
What worms are there to be fed in the city's cold streets?

But I couldn't take her. It felt so wrong to leave her there.
So wrong that this has happened.
She had a much more clearer purpose in life than most people out there.
Their woods were taken down by us.
Their grass replaced with concrete.

She still was part of nature.
The same nature people destroy ... little by little.
It is always painful when man-made takes life.
Takes it without offering anything in return. Nothing valuable.

She is dead now. what does it matter?
A black fat cat stared at us.
Sitting proud up the window still, all ostentatious, is her shiny black coat.

People passing by. Cars passing by. Someone thinking:
"It's the circle of life"
But what has man-made inanimate machine with engine burning up gas got to do with life?

It's just junk. It's all junk. 
We might presume there's where she's now. The garbage van took her. Maybe.
They would have taken her, to terminate the uncomfortable state a dead body might give to people while lying on the pavement.

Her wet eyes were still staring.http://vimeo.com/50053037

I'll never now why.

This is a true story. I have seen foxes in the south of Dublin, around Templeogue. They are vigilant creatures with great senses. Beautiful and clever as a cat, and great hunters as wolfs. It is funny how the book I am working on has an important character which is a fox, funnier is how I encountered them in Dublin and less funny how it saddned me to find this fox. Just last week I encountered a Sigur Rós video where there is a fox. I will share it in memory of the little fox, because I will remember her.

Death is always of great importance for me because it reminds us of our finity.

watch video on vimeo

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  1. moartea face parte din viata...pacat ca noi contribuim si facem ca ea sa vina pentru o parte importanta a acestei planete mult prea repede:(
    e trist.

  2. M-ai rupt cu randul asta "Her eyes still open. Her fur wet and dirty." Da, stiu exact cum zici, ce pacat.