3 iulie 2013

Same bush. Different Perspective

Is it just me, or is a part from our past always present in our....present?

This picture does not show, but I most often feel as I felt as a child. I know I have grown a lot. Learned a lot. Changed or at least tried to push me to be the best version of me that I can. 
I am still growing as a person. But sometimes a feeling overwhelms me deeply and it takes me to dark places  that belong to the child I once was.

Someone said to a friend of mine, regarding my blog:  "what is she writing about anyway? i find it hard to find the subject". Well. mostly life. I find it hard to find the subject of life myself sometimes. I do not expect anyone to read this or make a sense of my posts. I write it because it gives me some sort of comfort. 

Like an illusion that things actually do matter. 

The picture above is a collage - one shot in 1993 (i guess) and the other in 2011. 
Same place, different angle. 
Alba Iulia

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