22 iulie 2013

When body and mind suit soul

First of all, would like to apologize to my English blog readers about writing the last post in Romanian only. It was nothing too significant, just a translated article.

Does anyone else feel sometimes that they are far or were far from being themselves? Trying hard to meet other people's expectations (parents, teachers, priests(?), friends) when in fact we neglect our own needs. We all have the same needs. The physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and what is called self-actualization. The last one means that we must be the best we can be.

I was wondering and asking myself for long if I am the best I can be. The answer is NO, I am not. But I am becoming better each day and I appreciate having the opportunity of living with a roof above my head, having all my physiological abilities to be able to work and provide for myself.

A recent conversation with a good friend (thank you Nadine for the insights) brought up a question: What would I have needed as a child and growing adolescent to be able to make my time more useful from much earlier on? And the answer was simple and determined: a mentor.

But a mentor who can see your potential and can help you get the most of your own value. Nothing like the teachers we had in school (Sorry, teachers, you know yourselves who are the exceptions) who had an average line and wouldn't help the ones above improve, but drag them down, and would not help the ones below progress and get closer to the line. It would not really work anyway in a large group of people. I think a mentor has to be someone close and personal. Someone you look up to.

I am sad whenever it is proven to me that very few humans have the interest of the last need on scale, self-actualization. "I am what I am, everyone should accept me because I AM" would be the argument I most heard of.
Because, you know, not changing will keep you where you are and if you are unhappy there are high chances people around you will become unhappy if they are not that already. So look in the mirror. ask yourself. Am I the best I can be? I am more happy than unhappy? Can I help people around me be more appreciative about life? Am I sufficient appreciative of my own life?
Look in the mirror. See yourself. Ask yourself are you ok? and if not, turn things around so that you and people in your life can benefit from that. It is a small step but if everyone would take it...

Source for needs clasification, see wikipedia on max-neef and maslow's
Pictures taken around Westport, Co. Mayo, Dublin.

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