30 octombrie 2011

Arta in spatiul artistic neconventional

Ce este Arta?

avem DEX "ÁRTĂ s.f. 1. Formă a conștiinței sociale care oglindește realitatea în imagini expresive; totalitatea operelor care aparțin acestei forme a conștiinței sociale; operă omenească în care se manifestă talent sau geniu. ◊ Operă de artă = operă rezultată din activitatea artistică creatoare."

Sau putem sa intelegem imaginea de ansamblu si sa ne gandim la arta ca tot: creatie artistica, idee, oameni, spatiu, lumina, sentiment, s.a.


Bun. Am fost instiintata de un eveniment curios, care avea loc vineri, 28octombrie2011. Mi-a fost prezentat ca si "inaugurarea spatiului de arta contemporana". Deja suna diferit de alte vernisaje la care asistasem de-a lungul vremii. Adevarul este ca nu stiam sigur cine ce expune, ce fel de lume se aduna. Nici macar locatia exacta. Am gasit. Am intrat. Prima reactie: curios ca ne-a deschis cineva usa. Un culoar, lume, agitatie, am mers mai departe. Un spatiu mai mult intim, desi populat. O atmosfera greu de descris.

Ajungand in ultima camera, fascinata de mobila prezenta (alta curiozitate), am ramas impresionata de proiectia unui acvariu cu pesti de pe tavan. Dar curiozitatea nu s-a mai abtinut si a rabufnit:
- Alexandra, spune-mi si mie, patul acesta este o instalatie diferita sau este toata camera cu totul? (era un pat dublu, cuvertat, insa erau ceva haine aruncate pe el)
- Tu, aici locuieste cineva. Unul dintre locatari imi este coleg la teatru.

Cand am auzit asta m-am stanjenit cumplit. Fiindca era un spatiu intim. Era mai mult decat un spatiu expozitional, era locuinta cuiva unde oameni dormeau, mancau, se schimbau, etc. M-am stanjenit, eram incaltata cu bocancii in dormitorul cuiva si nici macar nu m-am sters la intrare. A fost destul de puternica sentimentul acela iar analiza locului a fost realizata in sinea mea prin prisma acelui sentiment.


Intre timp am aflat si cine sunt artistii. Pe Sevan Szekeli l-am recunoscut din stilul sau pictural particular. Despre instalatii am fost instiintata ca apartin lui Andrei Marginean, despre care stiu ca inca nu are un site cu portofoliul dar voi updata cat de curand aflu ceva nou. 

 Andrei-Alexandru Marginean-Matean (sus, cel cu ghiozdanul)


Ce este un vernisaj? In general o deschidere oficiala a unei expozitii de arta. Dar nu numai. Cine participa la vernisaje? In special lumea din cadrul artistic (in romania din pacate 98% din cei ce participa la vernisaje/expozitii sunt... artisti). Am revazut multe chipuri vechi la acest eveniment. Dar si multe chipuri noi. Din punctul meu de vedere, aceasta expozitie a atins multe puncte. Am plecat satisfacuti din punct de vedere vizual si social. Fiindca socializarea sta la baza oricarui vernisaj. Nu exista vernisaj fara public. Si a fost mult public.

Unde este arta? Peste tot unde priveai o vedeai. Indiferent daca reflectata de catre o oglinda, proiectata sau agatata pe vre-un perete, compusa voit sau nu (nu am aflat) din obiectele 'participante'. Acesta a fost un vernisaj complex. Intrebarile pe care mi le pun sunt: "Daca este spatiu expozitional, este vizitabil precum alte spatii expozitionale, tinand cont ca locuiesc oameni intre acei pereti?" si "Vor mai urma asemenea evenimente?"

 La intrebarea daca decorul a fost voit si totul gandit pentru a aduce un fel de discomfort (lumea evita sa ramana in dormitor si se adunau pe culoar si in 'living') nu vreau sa mi se raspunda :)

Pentru mai multe poze de la eveniment: facebook.

Articol: Eftimie Maria
Imagini realizate cu ajutorul si aprobul frumoaselor:
Oana Andreea Cristurean (fotograf) in compania:
Raluca Cozma (fotograf)
Picturi: Sevan Szekeli
Instalatii: Andrei Marginean
Spatiu: Lucian Rad, Silviu Rusti

Cluj Napoca, Ferdinand 37

16 octombrie 2011

Kitty goes outside

We finally let our little big tomcat out. He made friends. He had fun. Came home dirty.

His thoughts on this: "yeeeey! i'm free!!!" always running away when I approched.

 My thoughts on this: "omg what if he runs after another cat and gets hit by a car in the street", "what if he eats something poisonous?", "maybe he falls into a basement from the buildings near by, and can't get out?", "there are quite a few dogs out today... i hope he won't let any close" and  "what if some evil man catches him and tortures him???"

I chilled when he returned hungry. and bathed him. He didn't like that.

The pictures and the movie are shot by my dear friend Andreea Cristurean. Like her on FACEBOOK and watch her on YOUTUBE.

Tough enough my ass.

In between, we are building a shelter for outside cats. More information about the house soon.

6 octombrie 2011

once you go CAT you can never go back

here kitty, kitty...

When I was just a kid, I assumed that a kitten living in a trash is not the happiest kitty in town. So I used to collect them kitties. My daddy would get mad each and every single time i did this. (between us, he is not a big cat fan). My mommie always helped me out. She used to have a kitten when she was a kid. For some we found new homes and others were taken to my aunt's. Their place was bigger. House, with garden and backyard. It was quite lovely back then.

One day I was with my cousin under the bridge, down by the river. We were not allowed to swim in that river (filthy, really), but hell, we were young and sneaky. Truth is we couldn't swim. My cousin she was only 4maybe 5. I was 6or seven. We took our clothes off and played in the water. Under the bridge was that hiding place where our parents couldn't see us. On that summery day something has happend.

In our neighbourhood were many children. You know children. Some mean, some cry, some kick :-) Well there was this one particular girl who noone really liked. Why? I don't really know. She was a kid, like the rest of us. And there was this older boy. He was so cool (not cool, but mean with the others). On that day, when me and my cousin were under the bridge, they were on the bridge, having a fight. Of course we didn't know that, because it's a large bridge. We could only hear cars driving over it. This girl I was writing about had a kitty. a cute black 2month old kitten. The boy, however, took the girls kitten and threw it in the water. We didn't really realise what happend, but heard a nearby fisherman who yelled something, then we saw something in the water. I somehow knew it was a cat, but I can't explain why. Really, it is not my intention to brag, but I tried to save the kitten, and although it was floating and crying where the water was the deepest, where the water flow was really harsh and I COULDN't swim. But I saved the kitten and took it home. My mom told me to take it to the crazy cat lady. I guess every neighbourhood has one. She took care of all homeless cats and dogs. Her apartment was in the first floor and she had built a special entrance for cats (the window was always open.

After two weeks, I went to visit the little survivor. But he had died. He got cold from that water, and although he survived from the fall (the bridge is about 5-6meter high) he died because of a stupid cold! I was sad. I cried. I was angry. I hated that boy. The problems this action has cost me, for disobeying my folks, were insignificant!! The kitty was no more among us. For me it was a big one. I then decided I'll never save cats again. I was too weak to handle all the suffering...

Mitsouri the tomcat

So then I posted this blog entry 'Minou sill missing' where I told this cat's story. Shortly, he opened my heart to cats again. He came out of god-knows-where and didn't want to leave. sitting in my window. I started feeding him. His name is Minou, a french term, meaning simply CAT. He was dear to my heart. Everyday he walked me from the house to the street, and when I was comeing back he always encountered me and walked with me to the house. I fed him well. But so did many neighbours. He got really fat before disappearing. He was so dear to me.


Sadly we have to admit that Romania is dealing with a great number of stray cats and dogs. And altough I knew about some Associations, I only recently found that there is a really great number caring and volunteering, which is really encouraging!! I hereby announce that I am greatly delighted to find that we are not alone. People do care.

soon I will post a new illustration!