29 februarie 2012

sketches on Marking memories.New life.

sketch one

 sketch two

Too much thinking about death sometimes delivers you to giving life. cause everything is changing materialwise. Energy is changing as well but maybe never really fading. the body does fade and then we look at the new body, the new-born who is growing inside the human body, changes inside, changes the outside, comes out as fresh to remind us that we come and go. 
But there is life after death. Not our own. But life still exists.


I wonder. how painful it is to be ripped apart from the flesh that created you... there is probably a selfdefence mecanism that erases all those memories. Maybe we should remember.


16 februarie 2012

PRINT making

traditional prints I came across with
so I thought to share.

although I know not many people are aware of the difference between 
digital media print and the original traditional print making.

Taeko Sato
the ash

Yukie Nakano 

 Ralph Kiggell
orange turtle

Koichi Kiyono
tidal planet

I always loved traditional media and was impassioned about traditional print making processes. In Dublin there are so many things you can do. maybe too many. I should watch my steps so I don;t get lost.
i hope very soon I can post my own :)

10 februarie 2012

La dolce vita

While I was searching for a lock shop to buy myself a lock for the new-old bike I got, I stumbled upon La Dolce Vita in the old Temple Bar. My hunger took over and I decided to go in, because a few days ago I was on Cow Lane and it made me smile with the quote on their window. "Smile, it annoys everyone".

Entering I was surprised by a lovely voice and a beautiful face. I asked if they had food also. She smiled and gave me the menu. Have you ever met a person so lovely that you can't really react to it? And a simple conversation will seem awkward just because u feel the urge to stare back at her, because you feel that she is staring directly into your soul? Maybe it's tomfoolery.
But I just felt that way.        

When I ordered I asked the young lady if it's a vegetarian dish, just to make sure. And she asked me if I am one. She seemd to be the most friendly girl. A very pretty one with short hair. She made cute little conversations with every client. But she did it in a genuine way, as if she really was interested in everyone, I'd compare it with like a childs curiosity. She even knew what a client ordered the other day. I hate eating all by myself. She kept talking to me, asking me things, and due to this I didn't feel bad eating by myself, but good.

So there was a guy having a cappuccino there. He took a book from a shelf. He then put it back. She giggled "Are you looking for a book with pictures? *giggle* The ones with pictures are on the bottom shelf." she said. And then towards another client: "He wants a book with pictures, because he cannot read"... After a while, she asks something, he replies: "... my life if boring". She sais: "I know, but... "

That made my day. Poor guy. He said he was looking for rent but couldn't find anything. I certainly know how that must feel like.

Her handwriting is BIG and BOLD. (bold not in the font way of boldiness)

I could hear this song but couldn't remember where I've heard it before and asked her for the name of it. She wrote it on a piece of paper.

I think I would have loved to draw this. Too bad I don't have my tablet with me right now.