31 mai 2012

bloody nightmare of adulthood

don't let yourselves fooled by the title. it's not supposed to be freaky :)
i must advise sensitive men to not read the following comic.
just because I heard some complains before

So I had this awkward dream of me having a baby. When I woke up I went to the bathroom and the above was in the toilet. It is just a metaphor for growing up. maybe. 
i still hope not all of us grow up

28 mai 2012

21 mai 2012

on a train in ireland

just me. bored. 
no paper? no problem: i used napkins, 
but when i was about to finish I have had already reached my destination. so. 

here it is.

currently I am working on a short story and I will publish it soon.
thank you for watching.
this is just a super short comic of a dream I had.