28 martie 2012

blinded, betrayed, forgotten

I tried to make a video that would express emotions through the human eye. i am no sure how I did but I am sure the next one will be better, for I will have a recorder (hopefully) and I will do the sound myself. This is just an experiment. Positive and/or constructive criticism is encouraged.

 so this is Blinking Beating Feeling (bbf - copyright music belong to Mechanical Moth )

thank you for watching.

27 martie 2012

why SOME people are like slinkies

my  slinkie

I visited the Science Gallery last friday for the Edible exhibition and some (weird) food tasting. They had fun stuff for sale. I bought myself a slinkie. 

yes. a toy slinkie. I used to have one. made out of plastic. it was coloured as a rainbow. much too gay for my taste and I always wanted a metal one. here I go. It reminded me of the quote "Some people are like slinkies. Not really good at anything, but still makes you laugh if they tumble down the stairs". Now don't get me wrong. I think every single human being can be very valuable. The problem is we do not see ourselves very valuable. Of all my friends maybe a handfull really consider themselves valuable but even they have some doubt. I wish people would be more kind, more friendly. 

And not as cold as slinkie. or a pavament. or an empty building.

No. cold people make me cold. I want to see happy people.

I do not know if irish people are happy. probably not. but most I've met are genuie and their warm smile is inffectious. I am happy I don't have to push anyone down the stairs to have a good laugh around here. 

Thank you Ireland .

and special thanks to: Madalina, Jaana, Tommy, Lassi, Johnny, Cearuil, Melissa, Kevin, Daniel, Kevin from Seomra, all my colleagues in NCAD and double special thanks to Rob. To all couchsurfers who visited us and to the ones who will visit in the future.