23 februarie 2013

Informal def. extremely sentimental or emotionally effusive.

I've been away for so long. longer than a year, although I have spent summer at home, christmas as well. But the word home stopped having a rigid definition for me. I'm clueless.

As I write this my beer got flat and sits still on the table. The soreness of my back from sitting at the table has become so uncomfortable that I just want to lay down watch a show and eat some crisps. 
But not today. I wanted to thank everyone for two months now. But I haven't found anything significant to say. I want to thank for the support, for reading my blog. In January I realized I have had over 20.000 views on this blog and yet I am not sharing anything substantial. Soon there will be something to look at.

I've been working on a book (text and illustration) but it's moving on slow. So I decided whenever I don't feel up to work on the book to mess around with colours and draw old sketches. Currently I am making a super short comic on a dream I had. not a nice one.

From that I sketched the main character (me) in a break. I find it useful to take drawing breaks from drawing. 

I am rewatching the The Avatar: the Last Airbender  and I still think it is genious. And I still cry at the scene where Iroh sings for his son. ( see video here). Maybe it's more sad because it is related with the crew, because of the death of Makoto Iwamatsu (voice of Iroh).

I wish I wasn't this gooey.

But I miss Mitsouri. And everyone I know. from back home.

Hopefully I'll post something more happy next time. 
Thank you everyone for your support!