12 octombrie 2013

Dream of foxes.

I have a fox character in a book that I am trying to write... and illustrate :) so I feel really inspired when I see foxes. Anywhere I see them. I have seen foxes every night when I was out last winter/spring and I see foxes in the shops - not real foxes, but puppets, toys, towels, water bottles, t-shirts, etc.

I wish I would see more foxes in my dream, to inspire me about the book I am working on. Today I got this simple idea, of me riding a fox while sleeping. I made a quick sketch (0.60 m),

then a more elaborate sketch and

 then I drew it and colored it. 

So here is it.

I hope to say the same about my book soon :)

3 octombrie 2013

Life versus Gold

A huge debate is currently taking place. Mostly in Romania, and if you are Romanian, you already know about it. If not, you might have heard about it. There are loads of articles on the subject so I will not go into details. People all around the world want to share this information due to the negative impact the project would have on nature and life.

Shortly, it is about a corporation that wants to exploit a few Romanian mountains and grab the gold from underneath. They argue that the place, called Rosia Montana, has always been a mining area. And it is true. Rosia Montana is well known for the underground tunnels (mine galleries) created by the Romans around 2000 years ago. But what they plan on doing is not just mining. They will strip the mountains bare and "eat up" the rocks with cyanide in order to extract the gold which is dispersed through the mountain rock. Why do people argue that this is bad? Besides the landscape being utterly ruined, there will be no way to prevent the cyanide to spread through the earth, spoiling water, getting people sick, killing any living creature that might inhabit the area. The cyanide "lake" that will be formed after the "extraction" is said to be created of tons of cyanide infected water and to have a diameter of around 8 km.

Protests started on the 1st of September this year. People in Romania and all over the world are protesting against this project taking place, and their arguments are more than valid.

So. The lovely Cluj Comics Club from (obviously) Cluj, Transylvania, Romania, they will publish a magazin with comics on the subject. This will be my contribution.

We all hope they will choose life over gold.