25 ianuarie 2014


The first picture was taken in January 2012, during my first day in Dublin, Ireland. It was a picture of a window with a little equestrian sculpture. 

The next few followed in March. But in the beginning I was not really focused so much on the idea of window, but rather on the idea of atmosphere. 

As I was in a new place I was really open to engage visually and see things as they are and how they show themselves. It became more of windows in March as I took some pictures of a place for rent with dry-washed windows.

There is the old saying: "Eyes are the windows to the soul"... And I was wondering, while taking pictures during my stay in Dublin if there is any assosiation with that. If windows, actual windows, might be a "window" for society. What the original saying means  is that if you stare into someone's eyes you can see their  true being.  So what do we see if we look in actual windows? Could we perhaps see the true nature of society in that particular city, town, village? 

I assume you can, there is a lot given away through windows. The way they are taken care of, washed or ignored, decorated or covered. It says something about what is economically and socially going on perhaps.

My fascination I think was quite strong since in Romania we have tall walls, windows are high, then we have apartment blocks with higher windows, and I didn't get in such a close relationship with windows before.